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Knott Laboratory employees remain active within the engineering field by teaching legal and insurance seminars, publishing through nationwide organizations and participating in trade conferences. Additionally, we promote and sponsor events in the community.

Knott Laboratory Awarded 2019 Private Sector Project of the Year by NSPE Colorado Chapter

Congratulations to Steve Knapp, P.E. for receiving the prestigious award 2019 Private Sector Project of the Year!

Cade Caldwell, P.E. Receives 2019 Project Manager of the Year Award from NSPE Colorado Chapter

Congratulations to Cade Caldwell, P.E. for receiving the prestigious award for 2019 Project Manager of the Year!

High-definition laser scan of Dealey Plaza

Knott Laboratory Presents to the Inner Circle of Investigators “Leading Edge Technology and Applications for Litigation”

This event covers topics such as scientific analysis of video footage, effective physical component investigations, reliable…

Recent Cases

What Does the Use of Photogrammetry Involve and How is it Useful?

Learn about the science of obtaining accurate 3D measurements from photos

Learn about Phenomenal Interactive Animations from Knott Lab

What is an interactive animation?

Top Forensic Engineering and Forensic Animation Technologies

Knott Laboratory uses drones and match moving technology into Forensic Engineering cases

NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward, Jr. Fatal Racing Accident

The Stewart/Ward fatal racing accident occurred on August 9, 2014 at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park in Ontario County, New York.

What is 3D Scanning and How Does it Help in Accident Reconstruction?

Today’s scanner can automatically shoot about 45 million points in approximately 10 minutes. 

What is the Process of 2D and 3D rendering?

We use the latest 3D modeling and animation software. Sometimes, we will use 20 different software applications on one project.

Get the vehicle “black box” EDR data before costs mount for your claim

How Crucial is Vehicle “Black Box” Event Data Recorder (EDR) Information in Vehicle Accident Claims?

Get the vehicle “black box” EDR data before costs mount for your claim.

Are the Use of Computer Animations Allowed in Court?

The use of computer animations has been used in a courtroom since the mid 1980's.

Moisture and Water Intrusion May Cause Foundation Problems

At Knott Laboratory, we come across many avoidable projects caused by improper drainage near the foundation.

Computer animation wire mesh image of trailer underride

How are Forensic Computer Animations Created?

Animations are created with a scientific accuracy based on compiling a lot of data, and physical evidence.