Knott Laboratory Headquarters

Knott Laboratory has become the leader in forensic engineering and computer animation by investigating high profile cases and conveying our analysis effectively during litigation. Knott Laboratory’s 14,000 square foot facility has been exclusively designed to meet our client’s needs. The building features an investigation lab for hands-on analysis and a multimedia room which seats 81 people for client presentations, in-house seminars and news media coverage.

High Profile Cases

Since 1982, Knott Laboratory has been providing comprehensive forensic engineering and computer animation services to reconstruct accidents.

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Our Engineering Solutions

Our forensic engineers are experts in accident reconstruction, failure analysis and cause & origin. Our forensic engineers work directly with our in-house animation department to create state-of-the-art forensic animations for use in court, arbitration, mediation or settlement negotiations.

Motion Capture

Motion Capture (MoCap) is the process of recording the movement of people and is used in a variety of fields including forensic engineering and animation. Here is a demonstration of Knott Lab’s…

Forensic Animation

Forensic animation is a rapidly expanding field in which animation is used to assist investigators in visually explaining complex ideas. This is undeniably beneficial in conveying expert opinions in…

Product Liability

Knott Laboratory conducts in-depth reviews of current designs on the consumer market for specific issues pertaining to product design, safety, and designer responsibility. Other issues, such as…