Tony Crawfurd, P.E. Opens Oklahoma City, OK Knott Laboratory Office

Knott Laboratory is proud to introduce Tony Crawfurd, P.E. as our Senior Engineer opening our Oklahoma City, OK office!

Mr. Crawfurd has investigated hundreds of cases involving property damage including fire, fire suppression systems, flood, moisture intrusion, inadequate drainage, pipe failure, corrosion, earthquake, hail, wind, mold, soil expansion and subsidence, foundation failure, structural member failure, tornadoes, vehicular collisions, construction defects, and other types of damage. Mr. Crawfurd’s experience with design and construction both in the office and in the field, has given him an understanding of the design/construction process, relevant standards of care, and building code requirements that enable him to accurately identify origins of structural failures and provide repair recommendations to several those investigated failures. At Knott Laboratory, Mr. Crawfurd conducts structural and building envelope evaluations and failure analysis on residential and commercial structures. Mr. Crawfurd regularly provides repair recommendations as well as repair plans for the damaged structures he evaluates.

Tony can be reached by phone at (405) 435-0176 or by email at to help with your latest claim, case or construction project!