Ben T. Railsback, M.S., P.E. Discusses Guardrail Dangers

Aired on November 17, 2016

Ben T. Railsback discusses an SUV accident, which involved an SUV that hit a guardrail head-on at an Interstate 25 exit north of Denver. The driver incurred serious foot injuries when the guardrail ripped into her vehicle instead of crumpling as it was intended.

Chris Halsne from Fox 31 Denver news interviewed Mr. Railsback to explore why the guardrail endcap failed to do its job. “It’s supposed to keep a car on the road, instead of going through the car.”

As part of a continuing investigation, Mr. Railsback spoke again with Fox 31 news about the incorrect installation of guardrails throughout Colorado. “They’ve taken the cap from one system and mixed it with the body or the rail of a different system so they really do have this ‘Frankensteined’ system and it’s probably not going to operate correctly just like it did in the accident,” explained Ben Railsback.

(Part 1 from Nov. 16, 2016)

(Part 2 from Nov. 17, 2016)

Part 1 and Part 2 of this story can be viewed on the Fox 31 Denver news website.