Angel Navarro, Fire 1, Hazmat OPS

Fire & Explosions Consultant

Mr. Navarro has 5 plus year of Firefighting experience with the Elizabeth Fire Department, specializing in fire suppression and rescue operations. Averaging about 9 structure fires per year During Mr. Navarro's firefighting career, he has had a unique perspective witnessing fire dynamics firsthand and the patterns created during fire suppression efforts. Additionally, Mr. Navarro had conducted dozens of scene overhauls and evidence preservation of multiple live fire scenes.

Mr. Navarro has 7 years of electrical construction experience studying electrical theory and practical applications. Interpreting engineered drawings including residential and commercial, high voltage switchgear termination, troubleshooting and diagnosing electrical systems Mr. Navarro’s experience from structural firefighting, residential, and commercial electrical installation, has given him a unique understanding of wiring and electric design as it relates to fire causation. As well as evaluating fire patterns verses damage created by suppression efforts.

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