Kyle T. Wieghaus, Ph.D., P.E.

Director of Engineering

At Knott Laboratory, Dr. Wieghaus has investigated cases involving residential and large commercial properties damaged by fire, flood, moisture intrusion, inadequate drainage, hail, wind, tornado, snow events, mold, structural member failure, foundation failure, vehicular collisions, construction defects, and mechanical damage. His findings focus on assessing property damage, providing professional opinions regarding building integrity and occupant safety, and designing repairs for reconstruction. Dr. Wieghaus has investigated damage to structural, architectural, and mechanical components as a result of wildfires and structure fires. Dr. Wieghaus has also field-tested the effect of hailstone impacts on building envelope items.


Ph.D. Civil Engineering (Structural)
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 2015

M.S. Civil Engineering (Structural)
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2009

B.S. Civil Engineering, with Honors
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2007


Registered Professional Engineer in the following states:
Colorado, Wyoming, and Texas.

Engineering and Design

Dr. Wieghaus is experienced with the various factors accounted for during structural design and fabrication/construction. At Texas A&M University, he has performed inspections of lightweight steel structural components, structural concrete bridge girders and piers, submerged tunnel linings, and retaining walls as part of institution-, state-, and federally-funded research projects. He has been a member of numerous teams assigned to design and perform destructive structural component tests to validate the behavior of theoretical models. He also has experience in non-destructive testing and the assessment of various structural failure modes. Dr. Wieghaus has also led a group in developing a computer vision technology for low-cost, contactless field vibration monitoring of flexible structures.

Dr. Wieghaus was involved in a variety of structural codes and standards through teaching mechanics and structural steel design courses at Texas A&M University. As a graduate student researcher, he gained a thorough understanding of a variety of engineering analyses, including: structural component design, fatigue/fracture mechanics, risk and reliability assessment/remediation, project management, and technical report/deliverable preparation.

As a former graduate student, Dr. Wieghaus has been involved not only with the design, but was also responsible for the fabrication and testing of structural concrete specimens like standard beams and slabs with steel reinforcement, and bridge girders, bridge decks, and railroad ties prestressed and/or reinforced using corrosion-resistant fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. From this experience, he has identified and resolved problems/inefficiencies that may arise between engineer and contractor before, during, and after design.

Dr. Wieghaus’ Ph.D. dissertation focused on the development and probabilistic assessment of low-cost, wind-induced fatigue retrofits for common lightweight steel motor vehicle traffic signal support structures. This involved a balanced approach, including full-scale traffic experimentation/monitoring and theoretical fatigue/fracture risk analysis. Application of the primary technology and design approach shows reduction in fatigue in a wide variety of lightweight, fatigue-prone structures, resulting in a patent for the property developed. While working toward his Ph.D., he also served as a consultant to Texas A&M Transportation Institute to assess the fatigue resistance and dependable service life of swinging aluminum traffic crash barriers subject to wind excitation.

Accident Reconstruction

Expert Testimony


Professional Affiliations

Dr. Wieghaus is a member of the following professional organizations:


American Institute of Steel Construction


American Society of Civil Engineers


Structural Engineers Association of Colorado


Structural Engineers Association of Texas

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