Peter Korff, P.E.

Engineering Manager

Mr. Korff’s experience with engineering design and construction administration, from a conceptual stage to final building inspections, has given him a unique understanding of construction processes, enabling him to readily identify sources of civil and structural failures. At Knott Laboratory, Mr. Korff conducts structural evaluations and failure analysis on a wide range of residential and commercial structures, building envelopes, and civil systems. Mr. Korff’s practical experience enables him to accurately identify a wide variety of structural problems and failures as well as design repairs or improvements as necessary.


B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering
Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 2015


Registered Professional Engineer in the following states:
Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska.

Engineering and Design

At Knott Laboratory, Mr. Korff assesses the damages to structures and routinely implements repair plans to restore the damaged structure back to a pre-loss condition. For these analyses, Mr. Korff has provided structural engineering designs, plans and specifications for repairs, improvements and additions for a wide-range of structures and components comprised of various materials, including wood, timber, masonry, steel, concrete and composite system. Mr. Korff conducts foundation investigations and design including drilled concrete piers, grade beams, spread footings, mat foundations, and retaining walls. During his previous experience and at Knott Laboratory, Mr. Korff has evaluated and provided design drawings and guidance involving building envelopes including roof coverings, stucco system, various siding applications, flashing details and masonry. Mr. Korff’s background in construction and roofing industries provides valuable knowledge of proper construction techniques. Mr. Korff has valuable real-world experience, producing designs and overseeing construction administration duties for projects involving structural, civil and building envelope repairs.

Mr. Korff has investigated cases involving property damaged by fire, flood, moisture intrusion, inadequate drainage, pipe failure, corrosion, hail, wind, mold, soil subsidence, foundation failure, structural member failure, vehicular collisions, construction defects, and mechanical damage. At Knott Laboratory, Mr. Korff conducts structural evaluations, failure analysis and provides repair recommendations on residential and commercial structures, building envelopes and civil systems and has experience in destructive testing, non-destructive testing and simulation of failure modes and scenarios. Mr. Korff regularly works with a variety of clients such as property managers, homeowner association boards, insurance adjusters, contractors and private owners communicating with all parties involved to ensure smooth project completion.

Accident Reconstruction

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Professional Affiliations

Mr. Korff is a member of the following professional organizations:


American Society of Civil Engineers


Structural Engineering Institute

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