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All About Event Data Recorders (EDR) - Part 1

Water Filter Maintenance Prevents Component Degradation

Whole-home water filter systems are installed in residential applications to improve the overall quality of the household…

Image of Car Crash Simulation Example

Effective Visualizations that Don’t Break the Bank

Effective verbal communication alone is not the most effective means for jurors to comprehend and retain information.

Knott Laboratory Responds to Coronavirus

Knott Laboratory would like you to know that we are wishing you the best during this strange and difficult time.

Fire Investigations & Enhanced Soot Deposition

Every expert conducting a fire or explosion investigation will use NFPA 921 to help ensure the investigation is done…

Photo example of crushing joist

How to Repair Sagging Floors in Older Structures?

One of the most common inspections we perform at Knott Laboratory involves sagging or deflecting floor systems.

water solenoid valve cut-away view

What Fails in Applicance Water Solenoid Valves?

Water solenoid valves are common in everyday life and are frequently found in residential appliance applications

Example of widespread moisture stains and organic growth throughout the underside of the roof decking within an attic space of a residence.

Humidifiers May Introduce Moisture Problems in Residential Homes

Deficiencies in attic space ventilation can be difficult and costly to mitigate within a residence or building

Safely Servicing or Maintaining Systems with Hazardous Energy

This important safety measure can prevent injury or death when servicing equipment.

How to Estimate Flow Rates in Freeze Loss Claims

There are several ways to calculate an estimated date for freeze loss