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Computer animation wire mesh image of trailer underride

How are Forensic Computer Animations Created?

Animations are created with a scientific accuracy based on compiling a lot of data, and physical evidence.

Hyatt Regency Hotel Lobby after Walkway Collapse

Knott Laboratory’s Forensic Engineers Reflect Upon Florida Bridge Collapse and Lessons from 1981 Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse

Dr. Knott’s testing subsequently proved that the walkways were significantly under strength

wire mesh of crashed vehicle

What is a Computer Animation?

Computer animation is a visual enhancement of expert testimony

Forensic Engineering Investigations and Changing Fire Patterns

Fire patterns are the identifiable shapes formed and left behind on the remnants of a fire

How to Reconstruct an Accident Using Video Footage

Knott Laboratory analyzes accidents captured on video using matchmoving or "camera tracking".

Freeze Losses – Using a Thermal Analysis

Winter this year seemed to take its time getting here, but it looks like it is finally upon us. With winter comes insurance…