Knott Laboratory provides forensic engineering and animation, Civil & Structural, and Fire & Explosion Investigation services to reconstruct accidents.


Multiple specialists, ready for whatever your case requires.

Knott Laboratory combines multiple specialties to determine the facts of your case and clearly present them to a jury. Our team of forensic engineers, accident reconstructionists, and forensic animators are experts in translating complex data into a manner anyone can understand. Whether your case requires an analysis of a vehicle’s black box, a structural investigation, or a complete interactive animation, we are your resource.

Every Knott Lab forensic engineer is a licensed, registered professional with experience in litigation. Through 40 years of work, our forensic engineers have evaluated thousands of cases and have been qualified as expert witnesses in state and federal courts.

Additionally, our Digital Media Forensics department specializes in pulling data from existing digital evidence to determine the timeline of events and highly specific factors of a case.

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Accident Reconstruction

Knott Laboratory provides expert accident reconstruction and analysis for attorneys and insurance professionals on a nationwide basis. Our forensic engineers have investigated and reconstructed…

Knott Laboratory car accident recreation example

Automobile Accidents

Knott Laboratory has investigated thousands of motor vehicle accidents; from single vehicle roll-overs to multiple car pile-ups. While we have extensive experience with all types of motor vehicle…

Knott Laboratory commercial vehicle accident reconstruction example

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Reconstruction of an accident involving a commercial motor vehicle, or tractor-trailer, can quickly become a very complex matter. The motion of a commercial motor vehicle can be affected by a number…

Knott Laboratory motorcyle accident recreation

Motorcycle Accidents

The motorcycle accident reconstructionists at Knott Laboratory are avid motorcycle enthusiasts with extensive motorcycling experience. From cross-country touring to off-road riding our engineers…

Knott Laboratory pedestrian accident reconstruction

Pedestrian Accidents

Night-time and day-time visibility studies carried out by Knott Laboratory help to determine accurate driver visibility of pedestrians at accident scenes. Night-time visibility studies consist of…

Knott Laboratory vehicle black box downloading

Vehicle Black Box Analysis

Knott Laboratory has the expertise to retrieve/analyze data stored on Event Data Recorders (EDR), or “black boxes”, installed on many heavy trucks and passenger vehicles. EDR technology improved…

Knott Laboratory bus accident recreation example

Bus Accidents

Knott Laboratory performs vehicle accident reconstruction of commercial vehicle multi-passenger buses. When accidents occur, Knott Laboratory analyzes aspects of the accident, such as perception…

Knott Laboratory slip and fall investigation example

Slip and Fall Investigations

Knott Laboratory’s premises liability experts provide the experience and integrity you require to scientifically conduct a forensic investigation into slip, trip and fall accidents. Our experts have…

Knott Laboratory image of product liability investigation

Product Liability

Knott Laboratory conducts in-depth reviews of current designs on the consumer market for specific issues pertaining to product design, safety, and designer responsibility. Other issues, such as…

Knott Laboratory recreation of a shooting incident

Shooting Incidents

With the use of modern technology, Knott Laboratory reconstructed a shooting incident to assess whether reported observations were consistent with physical evidence.

Knott Laboratory forklift accident recreation example

Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are indispensible pieces of material handling equipment that facilitate the movement of goods in warehouses, retail and industrial environments. Forklifts routinely move goods safely and…

Simulation image of arm caught in paper baler

Baler Accidents

Balers are machines used to compress solid waste, primary materials or recoverable materials, with or without binding, to a dense form that will support handling and transportation as a material…

Construction crane Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Crane Accidents

Knott Laboratory’s crane accident experts provide the utmost degree of excellence and integrity in scientifically conducting forensic investigations to determine the cause and origin of crane…

Knott Laboratory skid steer accident recreation

Skid Steer Accidents

Knott Laboratory engineers have investigated accidents involving stability, hydraulic failures, attachment failures and other accidents modes.

trailer jack image

Trailer Jack Accidents

Trailer jacks are designed to withstand extreme vertical loading but are often subjected to unforeseen lateral loading conditions as the user attempts to maneuver the trailer onto or off of a trailer…

Example of a workplace safety investigation

Workplace Safety

Knott Laboratory investigates many cases regarding safety in the workplace each year. We have worked on cases involving a variety of equipment, such as forklifts, concrete pumpers, woodchippers,…

Knott Laboratory 3D scanning and point cloud example

3D Scanning and Point Clouds

The use of 3D laser scanning technology and point clouds greatly aids the process of creating photo realistic 3D environments, vehicles and other objects, which can improve the overall quality of the…

Knott Laboratory drone image

Drone Investigations

Knott Laboratory uses UAV investigations for accident reconstruction, building exteriors/roofs inspection, aerial imagery, 3D modeling of a site and indoor warehouse surveys. Our staff are certified…

Knott Laboratory interactive animation example

Interactive Animations

Knott Laboratory offers Interactive Animations with interactive 3D at its core, these Interactive Animations grant the presenter full control over important elements of a case, and in real-time.…

Example of Knott Laboratory's photogrammetry work


Photogrammetry is the science of obtaining accurate 3D measurements from multiple photos. “Photogram” is a photographic image made without a camera by placing objects directly onto the surface of a…

Knott Laboratory simulation of Princess Diana car accident

Real-Time Simulation

Knott Laboratory’s forensic animators and engineers combine their skills to reconstruct vehicular motion during accidents using a physics-based crash simulation software program. Based on the…

Video analysis of a traffic stop

Video Analysis

Our forensic experts use a methodology called matchmoving for analyzing objects (vehicles, pedestrians, etc.) visible in video captured by moving and/or zooming cameras. Matchmoving (also referred…

Image from Knott Laboratory's motion capture

Motion Capture

Motion Capture (MoCap) is the process of recording the movement of people and is used in a variety of fields including forensic engineering and animation. Here is a demonstration of Knott Lab’s…

Patent & Trade Secret Investigations

Through detailed evaluation and analysis of product designs and trade secrets, Knott Laboratory’s Electrical, Fire and Explosion, Civil, and Mechanical engineers successfully convey complex issues in…