Knott Laboratory provides forensic engineering and animation, Civil & Structural, and Fire & Explosion Investigation services to reconstruct accidents.

Real-Time Simulation

A mathematical exercise in which a model of a system is established, then the model’s variables are altered to determine the effects on other variables

Knott Laboratory’s forensic animators and engineers combine their skills to reconstruct vehicular motion during accidents using a physics-based crash simulation software program.

Based on the engineer’s findings, the simulations accurately depict the speed, pitch and yaw of multiple vehicles during an accident. Crash dynamics data from these physics-based simulations are imported directly into our digital 3D scenes to produce high-tech animations that are second to none. Physical accuracy and visual quality combine to form our final animation product, which is a useful tool for communication in the courtroom.

Knott Laboratory used real-time simulation techniques to reconstruct the Princess Diana car accident.

Experts in the Field

Our forensic engineers are experts in accident reconstruction, failure analysis and cause & origin. Our forensic engineers work directly with our in-house animation department to create state-of-the-art forensic animations for use in court, arbitration, mediation or settlement negotiations.

Taylor D. Spiegelberg, B.F.A.

Visualization Manager

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David Ridder, B.F.A.

Forensic Animator

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Since 1982, Knott Laboratory has been providing comprehensive forensic engineering and computer animation services to reconstruct accidents.

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High Profile Cases

Knott Laboratory has become the leader in forensic engineering and computer animation by investigating high profile cases and conveying our analysis effectively during litigation.