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Free Virtual CLE Class for Colorado Attorneys

All About Event Data Recorders (EDR) - Part 1

Knott Laboratory is offering a free CLE Class for all Colorado attorneys.

In this session we will discuss exactly what an EDR is, which vehicles are equipped with them, various laws and regulations surrounding EDRs, and, lastly, how to access and image (i.e., “download”) the data from the EDR. This session will discuss various case studies that required alternating means of imaging the data stored in the EDR.

Henry V. Mowry, P.E., CFEI
Bo Milberger, Client Relations Manager

January 21st at 10:00AM or January 26th at 10:00AM virtually via a requested WebEx invitation link.

How to Register:
Email Bo Milberger at listing the date you would like to attend, the email address you would like the invite sent to.