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Princess Diana’s Death: Unanswered Questions

Published on August 4, 2007

Accident or conspiracy?

Ten years ago, a late night car crash in Paris killed Princess Diana. Now, a decade later, British authorities have still not convened an inquest and many ‘unanswered questions’ remain about what happened on August 31, 1997.

This weekend, join host Geraldo Rivera as FOX News investigates the heartbreaking death of Diana.

We’ll show you a ground-breaking reconstruction of the crash scene using the latest 3-D technology.

Then, one of Diana’s dearest friends reveals a sinister nightmare the princess told him just before her wedding.

Plus, Geraldo talks to Diana’s former Royal bodyguard who pinpoints exactly why Dodi’s security team failed that night.

And finally, our own CSI investigators crack open some of the unanswered questions surrounding Diana’s death.