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Danger! Falling Cargo, The Importance of Proper and Safe Securement of Your Load

Richard M. Ziernicki, PhD, PE | Ashley Heist, B.E.

Transportation of cargo is a keystone of any market economy. Materials and products are often transported several times and travel hundreds if not thousands of miles before finding a home.

For smaller items, transport does not pose much of a problem as they can be easily packaged and transported in Well-Secured storage containers.

However, as objects get larger, they often become more burdensome to transport and necessitate more complex methods of securement during transport.

Industrial materials, building supplies, construction equipment, even cars and trucks themselves are all transported as cargo at one time or another and all of these items have to be properly secured for the trip.

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The Lawyer’s LogBook, Vol. 1, No. 1, Apr. - May 2011