Foundation Damage Assessments and Structural Repairs

Stanley C. Stoll, P.E., Samuel R. Henning, P.E., Aaron D. Bagley, P.E., and Kyle T. Wieghaus, Ph.D., P.E.

Foundation damage continues to cause millions of dollars in damage to structures across the United States. Foundation failures develop during the design, construction, and occupancy phases of a structure’s lifecycle. The direction and mechanism of foundation movement must first be determined prior to ascertaining the rootcause of the failure. This determination can be difficult when both collapsible and expansive soilsare present. The methods utilized to distinguish the direction of movement are presented. Once the cause of the damage is established, repair options can be evaluated. Foundation repair methodologies and constraints are discussed, including expansive soil treatment, foundation underpinning, and existing foundation modifications. A complete understanding of the cause of foundation damage and a knowledge of potential repair methods provides the best outcome for the owner.

Published By

9th Congress of Forensic Engineering
November 2022