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Reconstruction of a Motor Vehicle Accident involving a Police Shooting Using Photogrammetry and 3-D Computer Modeling

Dr. Richard Ziernicki, P.E., Stephen J. Fenton, P.E., Wendy S. Johnson, B.Sc.C.E., James M. LaRocque, B.Sc.C.E., David A. Danaher, B.Sc.M.E., Nathan A. Rose, B.Sc.C.E., and Robert S. Hoit, B.Sc.C.M.

This paper presents methods used by Knott Laboratory to reconstruct a motor vehicle accident involved in a police shooting incident.

The method developed by the engineers and presented in this paper involves a unique combination of three-dimensional computer modeling, coupled with photogrammetry, and a time/space computer animation analysis.

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Accident Reconstruction Journal