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Wind Effects on Dynamic Stability of Tractor Trailers in Winter Conditions

Richard M. Ziernicki, PhD, PE (NAFE 308F) | Ben T. Railsback, P.E. (NAFE 308F) | Joe Tremblay | Mark Kittel

There is a limited amount of data in literature discussing dynamic instability of tractor trailers due to wind speed and wind gusts on slippery surfaces.

This paper outlines an analytical approach to assess tractor trailer performance due to these factors. The paper considers short-period wind gusts as well as uplift effect of the wind, frictional properties of the roadway, vehicle speed, jackknife effects, inertial (both translational and rotational properties of tractor trailer combinations.

Correlation between parameters related to semi dynamic instabilities are offered in a graphical format.

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Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 2009-01-2915, October, 2009