Samuel R. Henning, P.E.

Project Manager

Mr. Henning received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. Mr. Henning worked in the oil and gas sector as an Engineer for approximately 5-years after graduating. More recently, Mr. Henning transitioned back to the Civil/Structural world in 2017. His experience as a Project Engineer includes structural engineering design for the construction of single-family residences, multi-family residences, and steel structures. He also has extensive experience forensic engineering investigations for the insurance industry and assists in my construction defect related cases for various law firms.


B.Sc. in Civil Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 2012


Registered Professional Engineer in the following states:

Forensic Engineering

Mr. Henning has three-years of experience conducting onsite investigations. These investigations typically require additional calculations and analysis summarized in comprehensive reports. Typical investigations consist of damage including differential foundation movement, collapses/failures, fires, floods, hail, and moisture intrusion. He also will design structural repair plans to correct these deficiencies, if requested.

Mr. Henning has also been involved in multiple lab-testing of truss capacities, parapet wall capacities, and other job-specific testing requirements. This work involved designing and building the testing apparatus as well as performing the actual tests to the materials. After the testing, he has analyzed the results and provided summary reports of the findings.

Additionally, Mr. Henning’s work in the oil and gas sector has given him a unique perspective concerning plumbing, piping, heating/cooling systems, thermodynamics, and hydromechanics. Mr. Henning has conducted multiple analysis concerning freeze-loss type cases in which the interior temperature of a particular structure is modeled to determine the internal temperature change over time – this helps determine the circumstances surrounding pipe-bursts, mechanical equipment failures, etc.

Engineering and Design

Mr. Henning has experience designing foundation, framing, and roof framing plans for residential and commercial structures. Additionally, he has analyzed many structures with differential movement and modeled the floor levels by using 3D contour survey. Based on these survey, Mr. Henning has sized remedial foundation installation such as micro piles and push piers. Additionally, Mr. Henning has designed micro pile foundations for new construction. More recently, he has been involved in designing light-gauge and red-iron steel buildings for residential applications.

Mr. Henning has also designed multiple remedial repair plans with structures exhibiting fire, flood, wind, and snow damage. These type of designs require additional analysis and consideration on the most practical and economical method to fix a damaged structure. Similarly, he has been involved on several projects including damage to exterior cladding materials such as hardcoat and EIFS stucco siding.

Expert Testimony


Professional Affiliations

Mr. Henning is a member of the following professional organizations:


Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction


American Society of Mechanical Engineers


National Academy of Forensic Engineers


National Society of Professional Engineers


Professional Engineers of Colorado


Society for Experimental Mechanics


Society of Automotive Engineers

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