Knott Laboratory provides forensic engineering and animation, Civil & Structural, and Fire & Explosion Investigation services to reconstruct accidents.

Knott Laboratory Presents to the Inner Circle of Investigators “Leading Edge Technology and Applications for Litigation”

Knott Laboratory Presents to the Inner Circle of Investigators, Inc. “Leading Edge Technology and Applications for Litigation“, Friday, October 25, 2019 in Centennial, CO.

This event will cover topics such as scientific analysis of video footage, effective physical component investigations, reliable testing, high definition laser scanning and drone video imaging.

Ground Breaking Technology to Analyze Video of Tony Stewart Accident

fatal sprint car accident

Cameras surround us in our everyday lives. More and more accidents and shootings are being captured on video, whether it be by surveillance cameras, police body worn cameras, air units, dash cameras, or by witnesses using smart phones. With this widespread use of cameras, one of the first things that is done after an accident/catastrophic event is to secure any video footage that may have captured the accident. The proper scientific analysis of these videos is vitally important in reconstructing these accidents.

How a Pin and Toggle Switch Lead to a Multi-Fatality Vehicle Collision

belly dump trailer

Comprehensive and thorough inspection of the physical components of a loss are critical to investigating and determining the cause of an incident. However, inspection of the physical evidence is not the only piece of the puzzle. A successful investigation also requires reproducible and reliable testing, evaluation of manufacturer literature and documentation, close evaluation of the industry involved, and an ability to accurately demonstrate the events that ultimately caused the incident.

JFK Assassination Analysis Using Newest Technology

High-definition laser scan of Dealey Plaza

By using High-Definition 3D laser scanning and matchmoving software, we can recreate Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas as it was at the time of the JFK shooting. It is essential to have an accurate site as well as models for the vehicle and occupants to match positions in time, as even minor errors contribute to vast changes in analysis.

Multiple Violations of Safety Regulations Resulting in Fatal Crane Accident

overhead crane in warehouse

This presentation will also discuss the application of various techniques/methodologies to reconstruct a complex fatal crane accident, including High-Definition 3D laser scanning, drone video imaging, 3D modeling and matchmoving to explain the case and provide visualizations of the construction project.